Installation and Configuration Docker on AWS – QA

Installation and Configuration for Docker will be explained point by point here.Target audience will be QA and Automation.

  1. Follow the link to install Docker on Ubuntu machine :- Docker Community Edition For Ubuntu
  2. Once Installation completed confirm by typing the command
    docker info
  3.  (Optional) if you want add jenkins user to docker enter this command
    sudo gpasswd -a jenkins docker

    Adding jenkins user to docker is useful only when you are working with Continues integration(CI) with jenkins

  4.  After Installation we need to do some configuration on docker side to work flawlessly
  5. Docker will automatically allocate very less space roughly 10GB to manage his images and container files which his not enough to create and run containers when we are working with huge project
  6. Example Scenario : Consider we are going to run Selenium test based on docker container, for example we have 5000 test cases and if we target those test cases to complete in 2 hours then we need to create minimum 10 Containers to run those test cases  (500 test cases for 2 hours by running parallel in 10 Containers)
  7. Its very hard to start 10 Containers to run within allocated 10GB of storage so keeping this scenario in mind we will be changing Docker default directory
  8. Note: Before following below link make sure to take backup of your images , has those images will be not available once you change the directory
  9. Follow the link  to change directory setting Changing Images and Container directory
  10. Once directory setting is done ensure you have restarted docker service by typing the command
    service docker restart
  11. Thats it, once we create a containers we can able to see those images and container will resides in the directory which we pointed in

This is an Initial Start for Docker , will be sharing more post on Docker and Integration with Jenkins